Therapy and Consulting

“To see clear, it often needs a change of perspective only.” – Antoine de Saint-Exupéry


Most people have a deep desire to have functioning and stable relationships with partners, friends, family members and other people in their lives. However, we are all shaped by our personalities, habits and tendencies, as well as by our family and cultural experiences in an individual and unique way – something that can sometimes get in our way. This can lead to misunderstandings, disorders and dysfunctional behaviour. Systemic therapy helps us to understand our patterns and impressions and to achieve clarity about ourselves, our relationships and our communication. The systemic approach does not focus only on the individual, but also looks at the various ‘systems’ present in our families, partnerships, work environments and in other aspects of our lives.

As a systemic therapist, it is important for me to make to approach our sessions in an understanding and judgement-free way, while leaving space for creativity and personal exploration. This allows us to rediscover and access our personal strengths, which helps us to open up new paths for personal development and a new vitality.

I offer systemic  psychotherapy and coaching in German and in English.