Systemic Therapy and Coaching in Düsseldorf

In life we are sometimes confronted by unexpected problems, feel overwhelmed, lost or hopeless or have to face seemingly unmanageable difficulties. As a therapist, but most of all as a person, I am convinced that we all have the resources we need to solve our problems. Sometimes, however, we feel lost or lack the clarity to recognise what changes are required and which steps to take next. You've come to the right place, if

  • you want to overcome crisis and current challenges and enhance personal growth
  • you would like to find new clarity and rediscover your strengths and talents
  • you want to reconcile with your past
  • you want to rebuild trust in your relationship
  • you would like to understand the dynamic of your partnership and find a good way of dealing with wishes and needs
  • you want to experience that systemic therapy and consulting can be gratifying and enrich your life

This is where I come in. As a systemic therapist, as well as a "Heilpraktiker" for psychotherapy, I can support you with understanding, heart and humour. I firmly believe that therapy and counselling can help to solve personal challenges, crises and problems in an individual way, and to give us more freedom and help us to enjoy life with new energy and vitality. I offer systemic therapy and coaching in German and English. To get to know me and my approach I offer you a free preliminary talk via phone or Skype.

And now? Now it's your turn! Browse my website and then get in touch via mail or phone.

My practice is located in Düsseldorf Grafenberg. It should normally be possible to get a first appointment within 14 days.

I'm looking forward to meeting you!